Bahjat is a surrealist self-portrait artist working in a painterly expressionistic style with a primarily figurative subject matter. Creating deeply atmospheric canvases with her reoccurring female protagonist, Bahjat is able to address the intricacies of life. Upon visiting the Philippines in 2016 Bahjat’s palette and visual narrative drastically changed, moving (away from dark and static compositions) towards illuminated backgrounds incorporating elements of nature and water within her portraits. Allowing her subconscious to take control Bahjat depicts densely filled imaginative narratives in still-life settings that yearn towards a more simple life.

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1991, Noor Bahjat now lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. Bahjat studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus from which she graduating with honors. Although struggling with perspective throughout her entire degree, Bahjat was able to transform this weakness into her iconic still-life style. Her work is housed in public and private collections throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Solo and group exhibitions include Ayyam Gallery Dubai (2019, 2015); Atassi foundation, Dubai (2019); Ward Gallery, Dubai (2019); Galerie Stephanie, Manila (2018, 2016); Art Space DA:MDAA, Soul (2017); Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah (2017); Gli Acrobati Gallery (2017), Turin.  



2014 BA painting, faculty of fine arts- university of Damascus,Syria
2010 Drawing course The Russian Center ,Damascus Syria
2009 Fine art course , Adham Ismail Art Center ,Damascus , Syria

2016-2018 Visual art teacher at Al Jalila cultural centre for children um suqaim Rd-Dubai

Residencies And Workshops:
2017 Yellow training  with Segni Mossi  at Al Jalila Cultural centre
2017 Ta’arouf workshop with SAFIR art and Sharjah art biennial
2016 printmaking workshop with the master Pandy Aviado,Manila , Philippines
2016 Residency, Galerie Stephanie,Manila , Philippines
2014 – 2015 Residency , Ayyam Gallery ,Al Quoz , Dubai ,UAE
2012 workshop , Mostafa Ali Gallery ,Damascus , Syria

Selected Solo Exhibition:
2019 Vantage Point Ayyam Gallery, AlQouz , Dubai, UAE
2016 Which one is your thread Galerie Stephanie, Curator: Liv Romualdez Vinlua, Parc Plaza, Manila, Philippines
2015 Young artist in residency Graduation show Ayyam Gallery, Curator: Jules Riechelman, AlQouz , Dubai, UAE

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019 Personal revolution Atassi foundation at Alserkal Avenue warehouse 60/Dubai
2019 Transcendence Ward Gallery D3 Dubai
2018 The Image implicated, Galreie Stephanie
2018 Cultural Narratives By Selections at Alserkal avenue warehouse 61 Dubai
2018 Utopia, Galerie Stephanie
2017 Splendida, Ardente at the Gli Acrobati Gallery
2017 Do the fish ever get seasick Syria art exhibition at artspace DA: MDAA Seoul Korea
2017 Collectivity: object and association in the UAE art world at Maraya Art centre  with “44 Untitled”
2016 Group exhibition at Satellite Gallery with Braking news
2016 Dubai art fair with RCA secret group with postcards “189” “834”
2016 Curiosities  Art fair Philippines At Galerie Stephanie
2016 Beirut Art Fair with Selection Magazine
2015 May – Young Collectors Auction with Ayyam Gallery. Lot :001
2014 The Human Situations , Faculty of Fine arts –University of Damascus ,Syria
2013 Sketches , Cultural Development Club , Jisr Abyad ,Damascus ,Syria
2012 Spring Exhibition ,Fin Arts Center , AlTijara ,Damascus ,Syria

Bahjat’s works can be found in Barjeel art Faundation and private collections in the following countries: Damascus – Dubai –Turin- Beruit- Manila-Seoul